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I have an older car that I had bought a few months earlier at a local repair shop/car sales business. after I put about 700 miles on it there was a problem with the transmission, it started by slipping, then on my way home from a 50 mile trip it gave out finally. Returned it to where I bought it, they replaced the flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate (manual transmission) 3 days later the slipping began to happen again. Instead of taking it back for them to charge me more and not have it fixed correctly I took it to AAMCO. They diagnosed it on the spot, took me for a test drive in it to see if I could reproduce the problem (which I did). put it up on the lift and told me they thought it was oil leaking into the bell housing from the rear engine seal causing the transmission to slip. Didn't have cash on hand at the moment, gave me a ride home. Was clearly told up front what it would cost for them to open it up, labor wise and inspect further. then create a parts list for what was required to fix the problem. Was told if the parts list was too much for me to afford or I couldn't do so at the time they would reassemble it as it was before and only charge me for the labor for disassembling and further diagnosis. It was the rear engine seal leaking, but they had to change the previous parts, replaced along with master and slave cylinder and I needed a new shift cable. (was damage to clutch and pressure plate from driving while oil was present/contaminant.) The work was done in a timely manner plus I got a 1 year nationwide warranty on the parts and labor in case it would happen again. The knowledge of the staff and warranty are what really won me over especially with what happened with the previous repair as that shop had no warranty. (And weren't happy about taking it apart in the first place and also taking 3 weeks just to get it started.) The staff was knowledgeable and courteous at AAMCO Pottsville. I'm happy I took the vehicle there and not back to the repair place I had before. The clutch and shifting feels correct and I have peace of mind with the warranty provided. Ken was considerate and helpful throughout the repair process and answered all of my questions. Thanks again!

Charles R. | Sep 2016